Q4 2020 Policies

Graphic Design

Turnaround Time Flyers

  • Allow 1-2 days for completion of a first draft.
Posters & Large Graphics
  • Allow 3-5 days for completion of a first draft.
  • For letter based logos, allow 5-7 days for a draft ready for review
  • For graphic and vector based logos, allow 7-10 days for a full draft.
  • All suggested wants & info on a flyer must be sent to or
  • Filled out on the graphic interest from at
  • Unless otherwise stated, all content and information must be ready when I start to complete your graphics.
Edits Flyers
  • For social media flyers, headers, and other stationary; you will receive three rounds of edits.
  • After three rounds of edits, a flat fee of $15 will be charged on the current invoice.
  • For all logos, you will receive two rounds of edits after picking your concept from the given drafts.
  • After the two rounds of edits, a flat fee of $50 will be charged on the current invoice.
  • For all graphic work that’s more than $100, projects must be started with a deposit.
  • To receive all files and content, one’s invoice must be paid in full after the completion of the project.
Presentation + Delivery Flyers + Graphics
  • Flyers & Social Media graphics can be delivered via Email or Text
  • For PDFs, Programs, and Larger Graphics; all created content will be delivered via email due to the size of files.
  • All Logos will be delivered via email to keep quality.
  • With each logo you order from SZN Media, it will come in at least two colorways that’s based on your project.
  • For all logos, you will receive a Black & White Transparent version of your logo, courtesy of SZN Media
  • For extra colorways & versions, an extra fee will be charged.

Photography (Returning Spring 2021)

Turnaround Headshots 1-2 days for full edits Group or Indv Shoots 2-3 days for full edits Event Photography 2-4 days for full edits Wedding Photography 7-10 days for edits Location & Timing - Unless notified beforehand, all shoots should start on time to ensure that time is used accordingly - Unless given creative direction, the location of a shoot must be discussed and brought to the table by a client. This must be confirmed before an invoice is sent. - For events and shoots that’s more than 20 miles away; an additional fee may be charged for transportation. Payment - Deposit must be paid before a shoot begins. - All payments must be paid after a shoot or photography coverage ends. - If payment or deposit is not paid, Stephen has the right to reserve from the delivery of photos taken. Delivery of Photos - SZN Media will deliver photos in either Google Drive, Dropbox, or an emailed Zip File

Website Design

Booking Process

  • When booking w/ SZN Media, a Website Form must be filled out completely. This will be a gauge on the potential length and pricing of your website.
Consultation Call
  • Before an invoice is sent, a meeting must occur to talk about: Deadlines, Expectations, Website Outline, Theme (Fonts and Colors), Website Content.
  • Your final website price will be based on the information given in your website form, requested features, and project demand.
  • Unless a special case, SZN Media will start one’s website pricing based off SZN Media’s starting prices for the particular quarter.
  • A Non refundable Deposit of 20% must be submitted before the the website is started. One’s website will not be started without a deposit.
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for the turnaround of a first draft of your website. This ensures quality work and time to troubleshoot.
  • If a deadline is stated, dates for drafts and checkpoints should also be stated for clarity.
Content Wording & Written Content
  • All written content (i.e.: rules, policies, bios, descriptions) must be uploaded into a Google Doc or Word Doc for easy transfer for the website. Text messages are not allowed in terms of transferring
Photos & Videos & Logos
  • Photos and Videos must be uploaded in a Google Drive folder for easy transfer to the website.
  • For maximum quality, I suggest that photos are edited and sized correctly by the photographer.

Social Media Services


  • The process will begin once a deposit is paid in full
  • Once the deposit is paid, the remaining payment will be paid at the end of the cycle or fully upfront.
  • Give 5-7 days for full turnaround of your social media pages. The time will vary depending on the size of the project.
  • At a client's discretion, this service can be turned into stages with certain requirements being finished on a timeline basis.
Upkeep & Posting
  • SZN Media will stay in touch with client in order to stay updated with the social media pages & client’s brand
  • When SZN Media is given the opportunity to run a client’s social media page, it comes with:
  • Page Updates: Settings, Headers, & Theming when necessary, Post & Page Strategies, & Technical Troubleshooting
  • Amount of posts will vary in terms of pricing & availability.

Strategy Consultations


  • All payments must be paid upfront to confirm your spot and a reschedule if that needs to occur.
  • For pricing, check the SZN Media price guide or contact Stephen-Michael for current session pricing
  • Sessions may occur for up to 60 minutes, after an hour, you will be charged by the hour
  • Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facetime will be used for virtual calls.
  • A list of suggestions & tips will be emailed after each session.

Retainer Services


  • Payment must be on the 1st or 15th of each month
  • If not notified, if a payment is missed; all services will be stopped until payment is complete.
Monthly Services + Limits
  • Each month is a cycle, if a new service needs to be added monthly, a contract update will be submitted. A price change may occur as well.
Confirmation & Contract
  • A consultation call must occur to see your needs and also to see what skills of mine can benefit a client the most.
  • A contract will be sent over, and all services + amount of them will be within the contract
  • If a contract needs to be broken and thus cancelled, a client must pay at least 50% of the remaining contract.

Booking & Payment


  • To keep things organized, I use online booking forms. Use the forms in the menu bar to book! This is my only way of booking. Consistent clients can request new projects via email.
  • All payments will be paid via an Invoice through Honeybook. This is the only way of payment until Spring 2021.