Q2 2021 Policies

General Policies

Days of Operation for Season Media, LLC

Sunday: Closed Monday: Closed Tuesday: Meetings & Emails Only Wednesday: Open (Evenings) Thursday: Open (Evenings) Friday: Open (Evenings) Saturday: Open (Morning - Early Afternoon)


  • All email communication for any SZN Media, LLC business must be referred to stephensznmedia@gmail.com
  • When texting or calling SZN Media, please contact the official business number of SZN Media at (929) 224-4315
  • SZN Media is not required to communicate during off-hours based on hours of operations. With this, if contacted after hours; SZN Media will provide communication if needed (This mainly pertains to Saturday Evenings - Monday Evenings.)


  • SZN Media, LLC has the right to deny projects based on availability, budget, and potential creative fit. All inquiries will be considered and denial or approval will be sent via email.
  • All-new Web Design, Creative Strategy & Branding, Social Media, and most Graphic projects must start with a signed contract, deposit, and agreed to project start and expiration date.
  • Projects are automatically placed on hold status following 30 days without client communication or feedback. If your project is placed on hold, you will be emailed. During this time, the option of pushing back your project due date or temporarily pausing your project.


  • All payments will occur through my online client system Honeybook
  • Unless a prior agreement is made and confirmed via a contract, all payments must occur within 30 days after an invoice is sent.
  • If payment is not paid after 30 days, a 5% fee will be added each month until the invoice is paid.
  • For larger projects, one’s invoice may be split into up to three split payments after the initial deposit.
  • No refunds will be given unless a file such as a hard drive, SD Card, or cloud file is destroyed and cannot be recovered or remade before a final product is delivered. This mainly pertains to photography.

Graphic Design



  • Allow 2-3 days for completion of a first draft.
Posters & Large Graphics
  • Allow 5-7 days for completion of a first draft.
  • For letter-based logos, allow 5-7 days for a draft ready for review
  • For graphic and vector-based logos, allow 7-10 days for a full draft.


Flyers + Stationery + Posters

  • All suggested wants & info on a flyer must be sent to stephensznmedia@gmail.com.
  • The majority of the content and information must be ready when starting to complete your graphics.
  • If a deadline is stated, dates for drafts and checkpoints should also be stated for clarity.
  • All Logo projects must start with a consultation call to discuss needs & expectations.
  • A signed contract & initial deposit is required during all Logo projects.
  • If a deadline is stated, dates for drafts and checkpoints should also be stated for clarity.



  • For social media flyers, headers, and other stationery; you will receive three rounds of edits.
  • After three rounds of edits, a flat fee starting at $15 will be charged on the current invoice.
  • Misspellings & Errors on the behalf of SZN Media will not count towards a round of edits.
  • Most logos will be given 2-3 concepts to start with. After the main concept is chosen, the unselected concepts must not be used for any other use.
  • For all logos, you will receive two rounds of edits after picking your concept from the given drafts.
  • After the two rounds of edits, a flat fee of $50 will be charged on the current invoice.


  • For all graphic work that’s more than $100, projects must be started with a deposit.
  • To receive all files and content, one’s invoice must be paid in full after the completion of the project.

Presentation + Delivery

Flyers + Graphics

  • Flyers & Social Media graphics can be delivered via Email or Text
  • For PDFs, Programs, and Larger Graphics; all created content will be delivered via email due to the size of files.
  • All Logos will be delivered via email to keep quality. The products will also be shared in Google Drive as well as a ZIP File.
  • With each logo from SZN Media, it will come in at least one colorway that’s based on your project branding.
  • For all logos, you can choose between a Black or White Transparent version of your logo or a secondary color based on your branding, courtesy of SZN Media.
  • For extra colorways & versions, an extra fee will be charged.

Web Design

Booking Process

  • When booking w/ SZN Media, a Website Form must be filled out completely. This will be a gauge of the potential length and pricing of your website.
  • A signed contract & initial deposit is required during all Web Design projects.
  • If a deadline is stated, dates for drafts and checkpoints should also be stated for clarity.
  • Before an invoice is sent, a meeting must occur to talk about: Deadlines, Expectations, Website Outline, Theme (Fonts and Colors), and Website Content.


  • Your final website price will be based on the information given in your website form, consultation call, and project demand.
  • Unless a special case, SZN Media will start one’s website pricing based on SZN Media’s starting prices for the particular quarter.
  • A Nonrefundable Deposit of 35% must be submitted before the website is started. One’s website will not be started without a deposit.

Turnaround + Creative Process

  • Allow 3-4 weeks for the turnaround of the first draft of your website. This ensures quality work and time to troubleshoot.
  • When drafting, Clients will receive a test link via email. It is encouraged to deeply review the site for potential edits & observations.
  • After edits are added, the client must pay their invoice before their website is transferred.
  • If a client does not have a domain, SZN Media can purchase one for you via Google Domains or GoDaddy; this will be an additional charge.


Wording & Written Content

  • All written content (i.e.: rules, policies, bios, descriptions) must be uploaded into a Google Doc or Word Doc for easy transfer for the website. Text messages are not allowed in terms of transferring
Photos & Videos & Logos
  • Photos and Videos must be uploaded in a Google Drive folder for easy transfer to the website.
  • For maximum quality, we suggest that photos are edited and sized correctly; also organized when ready to transfer.



  • Payment must be on the 1st or 15th of each month
  • If not notified, if a payment is missed after 14 days; all services will be stopped until payment is complete.

Monthly Services + Communication

  • Each month is a cycle, if a new service needs to be added monthly, a contract update will be submitted for the start of the next month. A price change may occur as well.
  • All contracts will follow the SZN Media Hours of Operation unless otherwise stated ahead of time. Within SZN Media’s working hours, one’s work may be complete. But if work needs to be done outside the operating hours, this must be stated ahead of time.
  • Deliverables & Creative Work needed for an upcoming event or week must be emailed ahead of time so SZN Media can have ample time to create the necessary creative work.

Confirmation & Contract

  • A consultation call must occur to see your needs and also to see what SZN Media services can benefit a client the most.
  • A contract will be sent over via email with the start/expiration date, listed services, monthly payment price, and legally binding clauses depending on the terms of the contract.
  • SZN Media offers 3, 6, or 12-month contracts for all contracted services.

Pause & Cancellation

  • If a contract needs to be paused, a client must notify SZN Media if needed. To Resume a paused contract, a client must pay a base price of their last or next monthly payment.
  • Contracts may only be paused for 2 months, if an update is not provided by the three month mark; your contract may be deemed as invaild.
  • If a contract needs to be broken and thus canceled, a client must pay at least 50% of the remaining contract.
  • If a contract is canceled, all future deliverables will not be delivered and will be stored in the SZN Media archives. If those works are needed, they can be transferred for a fee.

Strategy Sessions


  • All payments must be paid upfront to confirm your spot and a reschedule if that needs to occur.
  • The hourly fee is non-refundable.


  • Sessions may occur for up to 60 minutes, after an hour, you will be charged by the hour
  • Zoom, Google Meet, or Facetime will be used for virtual calls.
  • A list of suggestions + Notes will be emailed after each session.
  • All sessions will be recorded.

Social Media Campaigns & Setup


Social Media Setup

  • For single social media pages, the full price must be paid in full before the project starts. For multiple social media pages, a 50% deposit must be paid before the project begins.
  • Once the deposit is paid, the remaining payment will be paid at the end of the cycle or full upfront.
Social Media Campaigns
  • A nonrefundable deposit of 35% must be paid before the start of one's social media campaign


  • Give 5-7 days for the full turnaround of your social media pages. The time will vary depending on the size of the project.
  • At a client's discretion, this service can be turned into stages with certain requirements being finished on a timeline basis.
  • Please give 7-10 days for your Social Media Campaign. This gives ample time to make quality content and deliver great results in the long run.

Upkeep & Posting

  • SZN Media will stay in touch with the client to stay updated with the social media pages & the client’s brand
When SZN Media is allowed to run a client’s social media page, it comes with:
  • Page Updates: Settings, Headers, & Theming when necessary
  • Post & Page Strategies
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Custom Graphics
  • Amount of posts will vary in terms of pricing & availability.

Starting Prices

Graphic Design

Digital Graphics

  • Social Media Flyer: $45
  • Social Media Flyer (Story Sized): $60
  • Social Media Headers: $50
  • Website/Web Ad: $80
Stationary/Office Designs
  • Business Card Designs: $50
  • Letterheads: $100
  • Two Sided Postcards: $100
Banner & Posters
  • Vertical Poster Design: $150
  • Wide Banner Design: $150
  • “Pull Up Banner” Design: $200
  • Outdoor Signage: $250
For Programs, Album covers, and T-Shirt designs; contact stephensznmedia@gmail.com

Logo & Brand Identity

  • Logo: $250
  • Logo Set: $400
  • Branding Kit: $650


Base Price: $850 The base price will be the starting price for all SZN Media Websites as of January 2021. Your final website price will be based on the information given in your website form, consultation call, and project demand. Site Upkeep - Monthly (3, 6, or 12 Months) Q&A + Troubleshooting + Uploads: $175 per month

Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Setup: $150
  • LinkedIn Setup: $200
  • YouTube Setup + Uploads: $300
  • Page Branding : $100
  • Page Posting & Upkeep: $250+ per month

Retainer Contracts

  • Graphic Design Flyers: Starting at $250 per Month
  • Creative Strategy Sessions: $200 per Month
  • Virtual Creative Director: $500 per Month
  • Website Q&A + Troubleshooting: Starting at $175

Creative Strategy

  • Sessions starting at $50 per hour