"My God Is Undefeated" Tee

"My God Is Undefeated" Tee


"My God Is Undefeated" is a phrase that means so much to Stephen-Michael, and to so many others. It means that God never fails and when God moves, something is bound to happen.


Boldly wear this shirt and let the world know that our God never makes a mistake!

  • Shirt Care

    Washing: Wash inside out with cold water with similar colors using a gentle cycle

    Ironing: If ironing is necessary, iron on the lowest or a medium setting 

    Drying: Tumble dry low or hang-dry

    No-Nos: Avoid using bleach and do not dry clean.

  • Contact

    For any questions or concerns, please contact Stephen-Michael at stephensznmedia@gmail.com!