What's New For SZN Media

If you’re reading this, welcome to SZN Media & the SZN Media Creative Blog!

I’m Stephen-Michael, the owner of SZN Media, LLC. I’m very excited for 2021 and what’s to come for my business.

In terms of this blog, I’ll be using this platform to talk about: updates, tips, creative stories, and creative insights. The expectation is for this platform to be a source of insight to consumers and ideas for other creatives & business owners. With that in mind, let’s talk about the changes & adjustments coming to SZN Media for the 1st Quarter of 2021.

Hours of Operation

SZN Media, LLC now has business hours! Firstly, I want to provide the best services possible so rest is needed! Also, with my business growing; time for planning and market research will benefit my clients and myself. Based on my designing habits, having SZN Media operating towards the end of the week fits best at this current moment.

With this, we are closed on Sundays & Mondays. I love talking to current and potential clients, so Tuesdays will be meeting days. Wednesday-Saturday will be my designing days.

Of course, if an email or request needs to be sent on Sunday & Monday, no worries!

Overall, I want to provide a more organized and streamlined creative experience!

  • Sunday: Closed

  • Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday: Meetings & Emails Only

  • Wednesday: Open

  • Thursday: Open

  • Friday: Open

  • Saturday: Open

Communication & Projects

I officially have a business number! When texting or calling SZN Media, please contact the official business number at (929) 224-4315. If you currently contact me with my personal number before this change, you can continue.

Also in terms of communication, I am adding some extra policies in regards to client communication. As of now, projects are automatically placed on hold status following 30 days without client communication or feedback. If your project is placed on hold, you will be emailed. During this time, the option of pushing back your project due date or temporarily pausing your project. This is being done to save time and keep the creative process flowing well!


Let’s talk about payment!

Unless a prior agreement is made and confirmed via a contract, all payments must occur within 30 days after an invoice is sent or after a project completion has been passed. If a payment is not paid after 30 days, a 5% fee will be added each month until the invoice is paid. For larger projects, one’s invoice may be split into up to three split payments after the initial deposit. For all updates & price/policies changes, please see the price and policies tab!

New & Updated Services

Let’s end this update on a fun note! I have some updated and new services am I offering!

Graphic Design

As we all know, graphic flyers are my top service. It’s something I’ve been doing weekly for years!

But, I also will now be designing stationery, banners, posters, programs, brochures, and other large graphic material. I’ve had some good experiences with this in the past and I want to provide this service publicly!

Creative Strategy

“Creative Strategy” is my term used to talk about my consulting services. From my perspective, it’s a session where I can provide insight on your: social media, website, branding, promotion, and other creative needs. Pretty much a scope of what I know and also what SZN Media can provide for you.

Sessions are currently $50 per hour and can be booked on a monthly basis.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, photography was a major service that I offered. I took a break to focus on my digital services as the pandemic played out. Also, to be safe since photography includes a lot of outside interaction and touching various surfaces.

After much consideration, I’ll be returning to photography on May 1st, 2021. I’ll be posting my travel fees, starting prices, and policies for the service at the start of Q2 (April 1st).

Bonus: Follow my new business pages on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn next week!

That’s all of the updates! I’m ready to start, enhance, or capture your season!