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Graphic Design

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We understand that you need a great design to get your message across. We don't just make things look good, we help you communicate with your audience in a way that will resonate. We believe in an intentional design process—one that's based on understanding your industry standards and knowing your audience as well as you know yourself.


And because we think outside of the box, we can offer flexibility in our designs so they fit the unique goals and needs of each individual client.

What SZN Media Creates

Social Media Flyers


Book & Album Covers

T-Shirt Designs

Live Stream Graphics

and more!

Graphic Design Policies


  • Flyers: Allow 3-4 days for completion of a first draft. 

  • Posters & Large Graphics: Allow 5-7 days for completion of a first draft. 


  • All suggested wants & info on a flyer must be sent to

  • The majority of the content and information must be ready when starting to complete your graphics. 

  • If a deadline is stated, dates for drafts and checkpoints should also be stated for clarity.


  • For social media flyers, headers, and other stationery; you will receive three rounds of edits.

  • After three rounds of edits, a flat fee starting at $15 will be charged on the current invoice. 

  • Misspellings & Errors on the behalf of SZN Media will not count towards a round of edits.


  • For all graphic work, full payment must occur. 

  • To receive all files and content, one’s invoice must be paid in full after the completion of the project. 

Presentation + Delivery

  • Flyers + Graphics: Flyers & Social Media graphics can be delivered via Email or Text

  • For PDFs, Programs, and Larger Graphics; all created content will be delivered via WeTransfer due to the size of files.

Recent Work

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