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Stephen-Michael is a creative storyteller from the State of Maryland. From childhood, Stephen-Michael always sought a deeper lens within his studies and other hobbies. His creative eye developed at a young age. 


Between noticing the changes within the yearly church anniversary programs, sports branding updates, creating custom uniforms for his video game teams, and even creating custom shirt designs for fun; Stephen-Michael has always had an interest in branding and creativity. 


In 2014, Stephen-Michael joined his High School’s Student Government Association and things slowly started to develop. He worked on his first flyers, marketing campaigns, and even his first logo. At the start of his undergraduate career in 2016, he picked up journalism and social media content curation through various platforms. 


Within his four years at Morgan State, he later picked up photography, and branding, and returned to his first love of graphic design. The opportunities arose and Stephen-Michael responded with successful marketing efforts within Sports Journalism, Campus Life, Church, and even Politics. Stephen’s effort was well known across multiple skill sets during this time.


What also rose was the start of his business, SZN Media Creative Solutions in 2019, then named “StephenSZN Media”. 


Since this time, Stephen-Michael has created content or worked with clientele from over 10 states, five national writing platforms, and various media leadership and collaboration roles in the Mid-Atlantic Region. His work has been featured on various media websites, billboards, conferences, political elections, and more.


He donates a percentage of his business earnings to the SZN Foundation Scholarship Fund; the community organization that he founded that runs parallel to SZN Media Creative Solutions. 


Stephen-Michael strives to “bring seasons to life” through his creative efforts on a daily basis. 

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