Even from a child, Stephen-Michael has been obsessed with marketing, branding, and color theory; even before he knew what it was.


Born into a church family, Stephen would always notice the splendid designs on church banners and church programs. He would recognize the purpose of typography by looking at signs of churches and local businesses. 


As a huge sports fan, even until today; he would see the specific font and color changes within broadcasts and even the digital scoreboard for a network. He wasn’t done, he became fascinated by branding first by tracking the logo history of sports teams. He would wait to see new uniforms and rate them. Even pointing out new changes while watching events with his friends.


Going into undergrad, Stephen was close to picking a major in Graphic Design; but opted to concentrate on Computer Science. But this did not stop his passion for marketing and design to be hidden. 


During this time, Stephen-Michael learned Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Design, and Digital Marketing. Between Sports Media, Campus Student Life, Church, and even Politics; the designer in Stephen-Michael was developed and tested. 


Now as an owner of a Digital Marketing Business, Stephen is grateful to see his passions align for a much greater purpose.