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MD Delegate-Elect, Jeffrie Long

Jeffrie Long Jr. is a politician and pastor based within the Southern Maryland Area. In the Fall of 2021, Jeffrie connected with SZN Media to assist his media presence in his campaign for District 27B Delegate in the Maryland House of Delegates. This campaign lasted around 10 months from his initial announcement and in multiple mediums, SZN Media brought many things to life during the campaign.

What SZN Media Created: Branding & Logo, Graphic Design: Social Media, Graphic Design: Yard signs, Roadsigns, and Handouts,Web Design


The Result: Jeffrie Long Jr gained approx 54.33% of the vote from his competitors to gain election as State Delegate for District 27B. And nearly 65% of his vote count was secured through Mail-In ballots and Early Voting.

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Purpose To Be Heard Productions

Purpose To Be Heard™ is a sports media platform dedicated to changing the way society views athletes through authentic storytelling. It gives athletes the space and platform to tell their stories through a camera lens while finding solutions and solving problems in the sports community. Based in Atlanta,Georgia, this media based startup is on the rise!

Stephen-Michael from SZN Media is a Web Designer & Graphic Designer on the PTBH team. He has been working with the founder, Nia Symone, since 2020 with other projects. 


Dimensions of Light WOTCC

Dimensions of Light WOTCC is a community oriented church located in Newark, New Jersey. 


Stephen-Michael from SZN Media serves as the Media Ministry Lead at DOL. On a weekly basis, Stephen deals with Photography, Graphic Design, Social Media Content, and Marketing strategies.  With this, the DOL Media Ministry is a very creative collective which adds a spark to DOL's efforts in service & the community. 


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